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Mud Cleaner


Mud Cleaner is the second class and the third phase solids control equipment, and combine desander cleaner, desilter cleaner and underset shale shaker as one complete equipment, compressed structure, small size and powerful function, it is the ideal choice of second and third phase solids control equipments.Mud Cleaner is also called Desander and Desilter.

Brightway is the professional Mud Cleaner manufacturer and supplier in China and can design and product BWNJ series Mud Cleaner as clients’request.


Brightway BWNJ series Mud Cleaner Features


1. Adopt ANSNY limited elment analysis, optimize structure.
2. Heat treatment on complete deck, grinding sand, pickling phosphating and hot dip galvanizing
3. Adopt SS304 or Q345 high-strength alloy material.
4. Vibration motor is form Italy OLI.
5. Electrinic control system if from Huarong brand or Helong brand explosion-proof elctronic switch.
6. High strength compound rubber material used to reduce shock
7. Cone adopt high wearing-resisting polyurethane and High copy Derrick structure 
8. Inlet and outlet adopt fast joint connection


Brightway BWNJ series Mud Cleaner Display


BWZJ3P-2S12N Mud Cleaner BWNJ103-2S12N Desander and Desilter BWZJ4P-2S12N Mud Cleaner manufacturer
BWZJ3P-2S12N Mud Cleaner                    BWNJ103-2S12N Mud Cleaner                   BWZJ4P-2S12N Mud Cleaner

BWZJ70-2S12 Mud Cleaner supplier BWZJ785-2S12N mud cleaning machine BWZJ75-1S6N oilfield mud cleaner
BWZJ70-2S12 Mud Cleaner                   BWZJ785-2S12N Mud Cleaner                  BWZJ75-1S6N mud cleaner


Brightway BWNJ series Mud Cleaner Technical Parameter


 Mud Cleaner Technical Parameter


 Desander and DesilterTechnical Parameter


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