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Decanting Centrifuge


Decanting Centrifuge is the fourth phase solids control equipments. It is set behind the mud cleaner and desilter cleaner, using the principle of centrifugal action to separate the solid particles of 2-7μm from the drilling fluids.Decanting Centrifuge is also called Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge,Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge,Centrifuge Separator,Screw Decanter Centrifuge and so on.According to different speed we have middle speed decanting centrifuge, high speed decanting centrifuge and high speed variable frequency decanting centrifuge.

Brightway is the professional Decanting Centrifuge manufacturer and supplier in China and can design and manufacture BWLWF series Decanting Centrifuge such as BWLW450X842N Screw Decanter Centrifuge,BWLW450X1250N Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge,BWLW355X1250N Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge,BWLW365G/VFD Centrifuge Separator.


Brightway BWLWF series Decanting Centrifuge Features


1. Combination the abroad and domestic oilfield site experience, invite the senior consultant to optimize structure design and continue to test.
2. Main body adopt Q235 material, core components adopt Q345 high-strength wear-resistant alloy material
3. Screw propeller made from 1CR18NI9TI material, bowl made from SS304 material, bearing adopt SKF or FAG.
4. Discharge port protected by tungsten carbon alloy ring or coating.
5. Electric elment adopt SIMENS or Schneider
6. Main frame has been grinding sand, pickling phosphating and hot dip galvanizing
7. Painting: Heavy anti-corrosion paint adopt national famous Dewei Brand.
8. Electrinic control system is from Huarong brand or Helong brand explosion-proof electronic switch.
9. Adopt Nanyang or other national famous brand explosion-proof motor
10.Reduce shocking with high strength seismic composite material.


Brightway BWLWF series Decanting Centrifuge Display


BWLW450X1250N Decanting Centrifuge

  BWLW450X1250N Decanting Centrifuge BWLW450X1250N Decanting Centrifuge Manufacturer BWLW450X1250N Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge

BWLW365G/VFD Decanting Centrifuge

  BWLW365G/VFD Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge BWLW365G/VFD Screw Decanter Centrifuge BWLW365G/VFD sludge decanter centrifuge


Brightway BWLWF series Decanting Centrifuge Parameters


 Decanting Centrifuge Parameters


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