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Vertical Cutting Dryer


Vertical Cutting Dryer is a dewatering equipment of Drilling waste management that use of mechanical centrifugal force generated by rotation to realize the separation of solids-liquid mixture. Brightway is the professional Cuttings Dryer manufacturer and supplier in China and can design and produce BWLS series Cuttings Dryer.


Brightway BWLS series Vertical Cutting Dryer Features


1. Adopting Italy comprehensive analysis technology to meet domestic and overseas customers `s treatment requirments on the drilling site
2.The Capacity can be up to 50 tons.
3. It can separate and dry different kinds of drilling waste, such as water-based mud, oil-based mud, composite mud.
4. Adopting independent oil lubrication and cooling system to extend equipments lifetime.
5.The discharge port is flexible to operate, which can be in different types, such as spiral type, belt type.
6. Water-based mud and composite mud: Water content 8-10%, oil-based mud: water content≤6%, OOC≤3%.


Operational Principles of Vertical Cutting Dryer


Waste drilling fluid flow into the space where between screen basket and helix through material inlet. At the role of centrifugal force,water and small particle(centrifugal liquid) flow through the material layer, through the screen, flow into the collecting tank that above base along the upper cover, then it’s been discharged through drain pipe that located on the both side of machine base. Coal particle kept in the inside of sieve basket, because of the rotation speed difference that between helix and sieve basket. Helix will scrap off coal particles from the screen, then push them into the bottom of sieve basket, thus the dehydrated coal powder been unloaded in the below material receiving funnel. The dehydration is processing continuously.


Brightway BWLS series Vertical Cutting Dryer Display


BWLS 1600 Vertical Cutting Dryer Cuttings Dryer manufacturer BWLS 1600 drying centrifuge



Brightway BWLS series Vertical Cutting Dryer Parameters


Brightway Vertical Cutting Dryer Parameters





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