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Hydrocyclone or Cyclone is the important accessories of Desander and Desilter. Brightway can supply hydrocyclone of two kinds of materials such as high chromium cast iron(HCCI) and polyurethane. Standard size of cyclone includs:4", 8", 10", 12".


Brightway Hydrocyclone Advantages


1. Brightway Hydrocyclone adopted 100% Polyurethane or abrasion – resistant alloy material.
2. Use clamp design, ensuring long life and easy maintenance.
3. Replacement and installation is very convenient.


Brightway Hydrocyclone Display


10 inch Hydracyclone

10 inch Hydracyclone 10 inch cyclone


4 inch Hydracyclone

4 inch Hydracyclone 4 inch cyclone


Brightway Hydrocyclone Parameters


Brightway Hydrocyclone Parameters




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